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Advents Update.

I know that it seems like such a long time to wait when you purchase a yarn advent calendar earlier in the year. But good news the wait is almost over.

The last of the advent colours are hitting the pans this week and then it is packing and sending time.

Kathy (of WhotKnot) and I are just tidying up all the last bits of this mammoth undertaking and then you will start to see shipping notification emails soon. Our hope is to have these posted out by late October so there is plenty of time (with the inevitable shipping delays) for these to reach you by December 1st.

We are really looking forward to everyone receiving and opening them every day of December on the lead up to the 25th.

Will you be NICE and wait? or will you be NAUGHTY and open it straight away?


Those little packages are so super tempting I am not sure which way I will go with mine.

All we are ask is if you do dive in an open them early you don't spoil the surprise for anyone else by sharing images on the socials before the designated date.

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